Biological Science

DegreeAcademic ProgrammePlanClassLength of Programme
Ph.D.Biological Science1.1Mon-Fri3 years
1.2Mon-Fri5 years

The program aims to produce graduates with in-depth knowledge that will be specialized in biological sciences and be able to produce internationally recognized quality publications. Graduates will be able to consistently integrate knowledge from various disciplines.

The programme’s principal objectives are:

1. Graduates will acquire in-depth knowledge and expertise in research, will be able to produce internationally recognized research works and will become successful research leaders in academia or industry

2. Graduates will be able to apply the acquired knowledge, which will be used to conduct further research and / or create innovations in biological sciences according to international standards

3. Graduates will follow ethical practices of researchers / academics, respect the norms and rules of society, and consciously strive to benefit society

1. Graduates acquire in-depth and specialized knowledge in their study area

2. The program provides full and partial scholarships for students that meet the criteria

3. The program facilitates international collaborations

4. Students have the opportunity to conduct research abroad

5. The program produces internationally recognized graduates with high quality publications

1. Lecturers in academic institutions

2. Researchers and academic staff in the government and private sectors in the biological sciences

3. Entrepreneurs in biological sciences or related fields

1. Graduates can synthesize using their broad and in-depth knowledge, as well as skills to solve intra- and transdisciplinary research problems

2. Graduates generate novel knowledge or develop innovations in biological sciences

3. Graduates subscribe to ethical standards of researchers / academics and have a strong sense of social responsibility

                    • Plan 1.1:
                      • 41,600 Baht per semester
                      • 249,600 Baht per programme
                    • Plan 1.2:
                      • 37,440 Baht per semester
                      • 374,400 Baht per programme

                    (Refer Doctor of Philosophy Program in Biological Science Year 2017)