Biological Science

Degree Academic Programme Plan Class Length of Programme
M.Sc. Biological Science A1,A2 Mon-Fri 2 Years

Biological sciences encompasses a broad variety of fields. In order to develop a biodiversity-based economy, we must therefore have an understanding of the different organizational levels of organisms, from the genes to the ecosystems, as well as new technologies to produce and develop both basic and applied knowledge. This allows us to not only create economic value but also to increase human resources with academic depth.
These could be expanded to include research and the formulation of guidelines for the development of biobusiness in order to address human problems and develop a sustainable economy. Due to the theory of learning (Constructivism Theory), which emphasizes the planning, creation, and organization of a program that emphasizes the integration of biology and biotechnology, this program is intended to foster self-awareness and promote its development. In addition, creative thinking, innovative thinking, and adaptable thinking to answer or solve problems enable biological theory and innovation. The program will provide opportunities for researchers and innovators with knowledge and expertise in bioscience to generate innovation that will benefit country development and long-term economic sustainability. The program is to extend for research and/ innovator with knowledge and expertise in bioscience to create innovation in a way that impacts the country development and sustainable economic for the future.

The purpose of the Master of Science programme in Biological Science is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of bioscience concepts and their importance in research, from basic to frontier research. Students apply their understanding of the comprehensive bioscience knowledge and scientific skills and are assessed through scientific or industry problems. 
•    The A1 plan aims to prepare the students to work independently, to strengthen their research skills and to actively participate in academic workshops or conferences. 
•    The A2 plan focuses on in-depth courses such as Molecular Biology and Omics. Advanced Methods in Biological Science and seminars, among others.

1. Graduates will have a strong background in bioscience and will be able to carry out research and/or produce innovations. 
2. The program provides scholarships and has established collaborations with both the private sector as well as renowned universities and research institutions.
3. Graduates will have the opportunity to either work within the private sector or study/work abroad for a short period of time. 

1. Researchers, scientific staff or assistant researchers in the private and government sectors such as universities, research institutions, regional medical sciences centers, or in any companies operating in agriculture and food sectors or biotechnology and, biomedical fields
2. Lecturers in academic institutions in related fields
3. Sales representatives in companies selling chemicals or scientific equipment 
4. Entrepreneurs
5. Start up related to Biology
6. Consultants in private sector

PLO1 Follow to the guideline of research ethics and bioscience ethics
PLO2 Integrate the biological sciences knowledge on biodiversity, biotechnology and biological law to develop innovation or research in biological sciences 
PLO3 Integrate in-depth knowledge of biological sciences and obtain the skills to solve research problems with an multidisciplinary approach
PLO4 Collaborate with other disciplines based on multicultural/ teamwork to achieve self-improvement continuously
PLO5 Use appropriate statistical tools for designing and analyzing both biological and bioinformatic data for data interpretation as well as the used of information technology for data presentation at national or international levels
PLO6 Create or improve scientific publication, products, improve biological processes or biological innovation

  • Plan A1, A2: (4 semesters in the Programme)
    • 45,500 Baht per semester
    • 182,000 Baht per programme

  • Plan A1
    Total credits :  
    36  credits  (2-year Master’s Degree)
        1. Thesis            36    credits
  • Plan A2
    Total credits :  
    36  credits  (2-year Master’s Degree)
        1. Major Required Courses    12      credits
        2. Major Elective Courses     12      credits
        3. Thesis            12     credits

 (Refer to Master of Science Program in Biological Science Year 2022)

Plan A1 
Plan A2

  • A1 = Thesis (not less than 36 credits), no course work
  • A2 = Thesis (not less than 12 credits) with course work (not less than 12 credits)
  • B = Coursework (No Thesis) with Independent Study (IS) or Special Project (not less than 3 credits but not over 6 credits)