About the school

What is The School of Science (SoS)?
     The School of Science at Mae Fah Luang University is one of three Schools in the University that was established after the foundation of the University in 1999. The school has of a group of well-trained, motivated, and (mostly) young staff, usually with good English language skills.

What does The SoS do?
     We conduce teaching and learning activities and research at the local, national, and international level. We regularly provide academic service. In addition, we always contribute to preserving Thai culture.

     School of Science continuously strives towards excellence in science and technology and international recognition.

     The school of science is committed to fulfill Her Majesty the Queen Mother’s aspirations in “afforestation and human-resource development”. We provide our graduates with high quality education and instil integrity in order to continuously promote development in science, technology, economy, society as well as the environment.